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Our Mission

The West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce is made up of many determined and focused community business owners who understand the importance of relationships and loyalty. The roots of the organization were cultivated from the merging of two organizations; the West Volusia Business Connection and the Deltona Chamber of Commerce. They combined efforts and created this organization to provide a multi-community basis for sharing ideas, business and efforts.

The convergence began during discussions in 2010 among the leaders of the two organizations. By early 2011, the hard work and behind the scenes efforts were manifested in the creation of The West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Immediately, the Chamber instituted a series of events that reflected what all these volunteers helped build, market and make immensely successful. The Chamber is now poised to increase its regional impact and expand its influence as the voice of business in West Volusia.  With new projects, events, and marketing initiatives, the Chamber is able to provide even greater exposure and ROI for our members.

We invite everyone to become a part of this Chamber of Commerce; in so doing you become a larger part of multiple communities throughout the West side of Volusia County and will engender customer loyalty, front-of-mind awareness of your business and your presence and you will find that you will garner a “boatload” of new friends!!

Come on board! We’re “Aligning Efforts, Achieving Success”

Our Core Values


  • We are committed to conducting our business with the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • We exhibit the highest standards of individual and company behavior, always understanding we are the face of the WVRCC.


  • We support a respectful and meaningful workplace, characterized by open and direct communication.
  • We act with sincerity and foster trust in all our activities.


  • We consistently demonstrate operational excellence.
  • We strive to be an advocate to our members, business community and city officials
  • We value cohesive teamwork.


  • We empower WVRCC workforce by promoting creative thinking, innovation and informed risk-taking.
  • We provide a challenging work environment that develops member, volunteer, and employee growth and recognizes and rewards accomplishments.


  • We challenge each other to improve our products, processes and ourselves.
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